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Shooting Accessories

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Shooting is one of those traditional country sports that has a long history in the UK. Of course, there are many different categories of shooting and each has its own appeal, whether it be clay pigeon shooting, target sports or game hunting.


Each category has its own specialist equipment and these tend to spawn a rich variety of shooting accessories. Shoot UK is set to become the foremost provider of shooting accessories in the UK market to provide you with best quality goods at highly competitive prices, helping you to make the most of your own chosen leisure pursuit.


Here you can find different accessories that will aid you in your shooting pursuits, whether that be to protect yourself, make your shooting more accurate or to keep yourself warm. At Shoot UK you can  purchase shooting accessories like cartridge belts, choke pouches, leather belts, cartridge holders, leather butt extenders, flasks, loops, barrel end rests as well as a whole lot more. At affordable prices and second to none quality, we endeavour to ensure you obtain the best value for your money. Check out some of our popular accessories that can help to make your shooting an even more enjoyable experience.

Decoying Equipment
FUD Decoys, Pigeon Magnets, Hide Poles & Nets etc.
Lamping Equipment
Brands Include: Lightforce and Clulite
Cartridge Belts & Holders
Leather Cartridge Belts, Rifle Slings, Slip-On Pouches, Leather Belts
Gun Accessories
Shooting & Cleaning Mats, Butt Extenders, Gun Socks etc.
Marlborough Hip Flasks
Stainless Steel Hip Flasks manufactured in the UK.
Game Accessories
Game Carriers, Gambrels, Field Kits etc.
  • Cartridge belts and holders


Amongst our best selling shooting accessories, cartridge belts or holders make shooting faster to help you load your equipment without losing that spur of the moment shot. Made of saddle leather and fitted with brass, our cartridge belts have 25 open loops. They can be purchased in different sizes with extendable straps to fit every shape and size. Our cartridge holders are specially designed to hold either four or six 12g cartridges and can be attached between trouser loops.


  • Leather belts


One Shooting accessory that is often forgotten, but can prove to be a vital piece of equipment, is a good strong leather belt. We provide a choice of two styles, a Dress belt and a Steerman’s belt, both of which are available for waist sizes ranging from 28 to 52.


  • Butt extender


A gun butt extender is designed to give padding to the shoulder and is usually made of polished saddle leather. Our extenders have a built-in cushioner and an elasticated waist so as to fit comfortably into the gun butts. These specialist accessories will extend the gun butts by 2 cm, so you need to be sure your arms are long enough to cope with them but they will reduce the effect of recoil considerably.


  • Slip-on pouch


A small but spacious pouch is one of those shooting accessories that can help to keep items easily available without having to keep taking a back-pack on and off all the time. Our pouches are made of leather and canvass for hard-wearing durability and ease of access. They can be attached to most belts. They may be used to contain sunglasses or similar sized items and have another divider to store score cards or other notes.


  • Knives


Essential tools for a wide variety of purposes, Shoot UK provides some of the best fixed blade, straight and gut hook knives, as well as folding knives. With black mahogany handles, our folding knives have even been known to be bought as a quality collectible although primarily we stock them as practical items to carry all the time among your shooting accessories. Our fixed blade knives are fashioned with a rosewood handle and have a tan leather sheath.


  • Gun cleaning mat


In waterproof canvass, our cleaning mats make themselves doubly useful with their padded fleece to protect your table or other surface whilst cleaning. They also have inner pockets to store all those cleaning rods, jags and brushes when you’re not cleaning.


  • Gun Sock


Gun socks from Shoot UK are made of natural cotton with the addition of an in-built rust inhibitor that will prevent rust and corrosion on the metal surfaces of your shooting equipment. They are closed by draw strings and fit almost all shotguns and rifles. Their primary purpose as shooting accessories is to protect the gun from dust and scratches.


  • Shooting mats


Shooting mats not only make your connection with undergrowth and mud more distant they also protect your equipment from scratches and dirt.. Our mats provide a usable length of up to 81″ and are made of a special grade polyester fabric. They are also water resistant with extra padding to keep you comfortable and effective in less than ideal weather conditions.


This is just a brief summary of shooting accessories you can find at Shoot UK to help you identify your requirements and make your purchase here. Many options allow you to select variables such as colour and size easily if they are applicable to your selection. We hope they make your online purchasing experience easier and faster than ever so that you have more time available to spend on your leisure pursuit other than simply spending it shopping for shooting accessories.

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