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Clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting, formally known as Inanimate Bird Shooting, is the art of shooting at inanimate flying targets using any kind of firearm. As you know, in the UK you’ll find many clubs and organizations that would offer you suitable venues to practice clay pigeon shooting. Shoot UK brings you clothing and accessories that makes your shooting a pleasurable experience.


Clay pigeon shooting is one of the best ways to get to know your guests closer on formal grounds, be it your clients or staff. Originating from the past years where shooters competed to shoot live pigeons, clay pigeon shooting got its name later when shooting real birds was made illegal in the UK in 1921. However, apart from the targets which became non-living clay objects, the remaining traditions of shooting are the same. The target is still called a “bird”, a successful shot is still called a “hit” or “kill” and a missed target is “bird away”. And more importantly the costume worn by the shooters also hasn’t undergone many changes.


Right accessories and clothing is of primary importance when it comes to clay pigeon shooting. A vest that is too tight or a large cap can create obstacle in performing well and hitting the target. Just as concentration and care are absolutely necessary for shooting, the clothing that you are comfortable in and accessories that are ready to be used are also equally important.


Keeping tradition in mind, Shoot UK has come up with clothing items for clay pigeon shooting that combines functionality and style. From some of the leading brands in the industry, Shoot UK has a wide and quality collection of shooting vests and jackets. Here are some of the items you can purchase from us:


  • Clay shooting starter pack - This is a kit that contains the essentials for clay pigeon shooting from Topgun that include a vest, slip, bag, glasses and a cap. This is ideal for beginners who might not be aware of what they need before they set out for the game. The vest and slip are specially padded and designed for shoulder protection and gun protection. The circuit bag can carry 125 boxed cartridges and is waterproof. It comes with a wide adjustable carrying strap with shoulder pad. The shooting glasses are lightweight and in wraparound style. They have 4 interchangeable revo coated lenses that come with carrying case. And as for the baseball cap, they are made of cotton with a rear adjuster and rigid peaks for protection.


  • Vests – Shoot UK has in its Clay Pigeon shooting collection vests suitable for both right handed and left handed shooters. These vests are available for men, women and children. They come in sizes ranging from Small to Extra large. With side adjusters and side vents, these vests allow enough breathability. Their padded shoulders give you extra protection.


  • Coats – These coats are waterproof and windproof protecting you from rain and storms. Their fleece lining provide you warmth during winters. They also have warmer pockets and side vents for your comfort. They are available in 2 different colours and in 8 different sizes.
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